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Gucci fashion zoo The new Pre Fall 2020 campaign of the brand is an ode rugged cover iphone x to innocence, woodland animals and nature

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Ermenegildo Zegna will present its DEADPOOL BLACK IN BLACK WHITE Cover Samsung Galaxy S4 cover iphone 6 su iphone 7 new collections online The XXX Summer 2021 collection of the brand will be the first in the history of the brand presented digitally

Princess Nokia will be performing in Milan in November After the cancellation due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the American artist has announced a new gig in Italy

AUDI0COMINGS00N presents “2020 Mini Mix” The perfect soudtrack to celebrate spring even during quarantine

How is it like to be the creative director of Justin Bieber We asked Nick DeMoura, production designer of the pop star’s tours and videos

Kanye West to be guest of Joel Osteen for virtual Easter mass Mariah Carey and Tyler Perry will also join him

The return of the Pussycat Dolls and the live session of React Directed by Rankin in collaboration with HUNGER TV and Vero

Rollover Milano Friends against Coronavirus A digital album whose proceeds will be donated to the Civil Protection

An Aesthetic Guide to Drake’s Quarantine In his new cover iphone x black video, “Toosie Slide”, Drake proved that he is facing quarantine with the right spirit

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The Los Angeles based creative DESTINY NEW MONARCHY Cover Samsung Galaxy S4 studio Production DUKE BLUE DEVILS UNIVERSITY Cover Samsung Galaxy S4 Club has created a Covid 19 proof suit designed to iphone oro con cover allow wearers to attend parties and raves cover iphone 8 ricarica wireless called Micrashell Futuresuit.

The studio that designed the Micrashell has more to do with music than with the design of medical accessories: it is a collective that has created DODGE CHARGER Cover Samsung Galaxy S4 installations and light wildflower cover iphone design for Skrillex, SOPHIE and Grimes. And the concept of the anti contagion suit is aimed precisely at music lovers and designed as a “physical” solution to the problem of social DUCATI LOGO CORSE MOTOGP 2 Cover Samsung Galaxy S4 distance in clubs and music venues.

The design of the Micrashell includes the possibility of lodging a smartphone on cover iphone elisabetta franchi the forearm, a helmet that allows cover iphone 5c musica as much to talk as to consume drinks or vape using special cans and also includes a camera, a wireless system for talking and a subwoofer sound system cover silicone iphone xs max to listen to the music chosen by DJs. Miguel Risueo, head of inventions for DRAGON BALL SUPER ULTRA INSTINCT 1 Cover Samsung Galaxy S4 Production Club said:

With everyone in our industry focused on developing virtual solutions we decided to focus on something more emotional, physical and inherently human so the industry as a whole could have a broader chance to recover promptly…